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Chattanooga Fly Fishing 2 Hour Guided Wade Trip

Chattanooga Fly Fishing 2 Hour Guided Wade Trip

Fishing Area: Chattanooga

Fishing - River



Max 4 guests (base trip price includes 1 guest)

Target Fish:

Largemouth Bass, Skipjack Shad, Smallmouth Bass, White Bass


2 hour guided walk-in wade trip for multiple bass species minutes from downtown Chattanooga, TN. On water casting lesson & equipment included. Morning or evening trips available for up to 4 anglers.

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Good to Know’s

  • Quality fishing equipment will be provided.
  • Bring your food and drinks to keep you energized.
  • Don't forget your sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses.

Common Questions

Is there good fishing in Chattanooga?

Certainly, Chattanooga presents exceptional fishing prospects, thanks to its wealth of untouched rivers and peaceful lakes. Serving as your access point to these fertile fishing domains is Chattanooga Fly Fish, under the adept guidance of Brian Pendergrass. This ensures that you embark on memorable angling adventures amidst the captivating natural splendor of Tennessee.

Is there trout in Chattanooga?

Absolutely, Chattanooga Fly Fish, guided by Brian Pendergrass, provides an excellent opportunity for trout enthusiasts to explore and enjoy the abundance of trout in Chattanooga's waters. With their expertise, you can embark on a memorable trout fishing adventure, experiencing the best of the region's diverse fishing opportunities. Whether casting in rivers or lakes, Chattanooga Fly Fish offers a fantastic experience for anglers seeking trout in this picturesque location.

Can non-residents fish in Tennessee?

Absolutely, non-residents looking to explore Tennessee's fishing treasures, including those in Chattanooga, can easily do so with a fishing license. Chattanooga Fly Fish, led by Brian Pendergrass, welcomes non-resident anglers to enjoy the region's rich fishing experiences.